My secret garden

backyard orig 2011 (1)
Back yard when I bought house in 2011.
Some water run-off issues (gutters), a variety of hostas and LOTS of rocks in beds


Lots of potential in this backyard;  Love my little ‘shed’ (former original garage)


Side of the ‘new’ garage.


Lots of weed-trees, trees that were diseased, and general clean up needed


back yard by house 2011
Small bed between back porch door and driveway.  Need to install a fence (to keep my four legged friend in!).  Unfortunately the large maple that is SO close to the house had to be removed in 2015 due to disease.  This was originally very shady.



backyard orig 2011 (7)
I guess you could say this was a ‘no maintenance’ yard….