A work in progress

A favorite Quote from Monet
full bloom July
Early morning by the garage– took my breath away…
2016 july back by sidewalk
Formerly the ‘shade garden’ (before the giant maple was taken down this winter). Partially in bloom…
A happy Bee on Echinacea Purpurea (purple coneflower)
June blooming
Bed by garage in JUNE 2016 Salvia May night, Dianthus, Daisy
Great ‘step-able’ ground cover under chairs – Mazus reptans.  It is covered with small purple flowers in spring.  It is a good spreader and suppresses weeds…soon I will need to clean up the path area and move some of it to area by alliums (to left of path).
perennials in bloom
2016 July Backyard
Blackberry lily
Belamcanda chinensis (Blackberry lily)…a delicate bloom on a plant resembling iris leaves. Small and exquisite! July 2016

I don’t think a gardener is ever done…it isn’t like arranging furniture where things stay put.  These wonderful living things that grace our environment are constantly growing, spreading out, re-seeding and requiring dividing– or they can also struggle and die.  Best quote from friend of mine’s husband (Birney), which he often said when he planted something:  “Now don’t get too comfortable there…”.

Things change in nature–one thing we have all had to deal with is the ‘sun requirements’ of plants. Trees grow larger and create more shade, or they have to be cut down,  forcing you to find ways to protect your shade loving plants–either of these scenarios can mean ‘relocation’ for certain plants.  The third year after you put in your perennial garden is when things really seem to take off (assuming you have done  your part).  These pictures are from 2012-2015 –a progression of plants– as they grow, get moved, get adopted in and out.  My goal has increasingly been to have a yard that is beneficial to wildlife,  less dependent on watering (once established), and provides beautiful flowers to enjoy and share.  No more herbicides or other chemicals that harm the environment and wildlife.

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