My little garden shed

In 2014 I started collecting old wood from torn down fences.  I said it would be a project when I retired…and what a project it turned out to be!

Rotten wood around door needed to be replaced– Dave and Mike, my carpenter guys, took the door off the track and rebuilt the whole thing and also replaced the two windows which were rotten!  The roof was really bad, and when the roofer came they discovered active carpenter ants and a lot of rotten wood.  So, the pest guy came and sprayed around all my buildings, the roof was redone, and the siding guy covered all the bare wood–so the only thing left uncovered is the door, which is the coolest feature of the shed.  It slides around to open up completely!  I started my ‘paneling’ work, but soon found out I needed to get help, so I had another guy help with that.  A little organizing, cleaning and voila!