Change your garden, change your soul

Have you ever noticed that when you go for a walk in the woods or spend time in nature that you automatically take deeper breaths and feel more grounded? We seem to be able to ‘let go’ when we are out of our normal environment and just take in all that wonder around us.

If we can make some changes to our own yard that draws from that same energy, wouldn’t it be great to walk outside and feel a similar vibe?

Consider the things that you could incorporate to achieve this:

  • Sounds of nature
    • Plants and features like bird baths and feeders to attract birds
  • Scents
    • Fragrant plants to provide backyard aromatherapy
  • Beauty
    • Colors that create a palette that is soothing to the eye
    • Unusual flowers or plants that make you go “wow!”.

If you would like to make some changes in your yard next Spring, NOW is the time to plan! If you are going to remove areas of lawn to make a garden, you can do it with no chemicals if you plan ahead.

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Keeping it real

Thanks to Steve and his little worms at Good Sweet Earth, my lawn and flower beds have never looked better! It is the third summer, and in addition to his spraying organic worm ‘tea’ on my landscape, I also mow high, mulch clippings, and have only had to water three times this year– granted, it would look much greener if I watered more, but it looks good to me, and it is so nice not to have to cut the grass so often! My dog Boots likes the fact that he can roll around on my grass and there are no chemicals whatsoever. #organiclawncare

What about those hydrangeas??

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “when is the best time to prune my hydrangeas”?  My answer is– it depends.

It takes a bit of work on your end to pay attention to your plants and watch when they bloom –and  whether they bloom on ‘old wood’ (the stems from the previous year) or new wood (new growth from bottom of the plant).  So, if you don’t know for sure that your plant blooms exclusively on NEW wood, DON’T cut them back until you know.

Patience is a virtue here– just wait.  Sometimes the branches that truly look dead will surprise you from producing buds–often starting at the bottom of the branch.  And some hydrangeas now bloom on both old AND new wood– as if we weren’t confused enough already! 😉

Click on this link from fine gardening magazine for more info.




All I can say is WOW!

The strip between driveways has been a show stopper on my street this summer!  I am so happy that the plants are thriving and it has created a bouquet of wonderful fragrance and beauty for many to enjoy.  #flowercoachholland

#sustainable gardening







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My little garden shed

In 2014 I started collecting old wood from torn down fences.  I said it would be a project when I retired…and what a project it turned out to be!

Rotten wood around door needed to be replaced– Dave and Mike, my carpenter guys, took the door off the track and rebuilt the whole thing and also replaced the two windows which were rotten!  The roof was really bad, and when the roofer came they discovered active carpenter ants and a lot of rotten wood.  So, the pest guy came and sprayed around all my buildings, the roof was redone, and the siding guy covered all the bare wood–so the only thing left uncovered is the door, which is the coolest feature of the shed.  It slides around to open up completely!  I started my ‘paneling’ work, but soon found out I needed to get help, so I had another guy help with that.  A little organizing, cleaning and voila!




Second year creep…

side w babys

East side of house by driveway…sprinkles of baby’s breath really make the garden sparkle!  Lamium surrounds small dwarf lilac in the back, other perennials are beginning to grow.


rt front may  Colorful ‘Georgia Peach’ Heuchera with grape hyacinth, creeping jenny, corydalis, hostas.


rt front april

How same area looked right after spring clean up!

sedum and euphorbia  WOW this is the middle area I just planted last year!  Euphorbia in foreground with allium (not blooming yet) and some lavender…lots of ground cover sedums.